Duo Exercise Wheel




The exercise wheel is a totally quick and easy way to shed centimeters, build muscles, and tone the “difficult” areas of the body.

The wheel allows you to do many exercises such as abdominal stretching, sitting hamstring stretching, v-hamstring stretching, shoulder, and biceps stretch, therapy stretches, vertical lat pulls, and more.

The wheel is a complete training of the upper body that creates, tones, and strengthens in a few minutes a day.

With this abdominal fitness equipment, one can work on ABS, waist, obliques, arms, chest, back, and shoulders.

It’s compact, portable, and it helps you achieve the ABS you’ve always wanted.

The unique progressive power range of the ab slider makes it highly effective and targets the areas you need to work on the most.

The smooth gliding action is the simple and effective secret of ab sliding forward and backward.

Approx. Measurements:

Height: 17 cm

Width : 4.7 cm

Total width: 23.5 cm


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